Sunday, April 22, 2012

Blog Post #12

For this post we were assigned to create our own blog post. We are suppose to research and come up with an assignment Dr. Strange should have assigned for us in our area of specificity. I am an elementary education major so there are many differnt tools that can be used to teach the various subjects to children. While searching for what to write about for my post I came across this really cool wiki titled Cool Tools for Schools. I began searching through the different resources and found some great tools that I had never seen before,  but would be very useful in the classroom. I came across this one website that enables you to make interactive quizzes for your students. Quiz Revolution is free and easy to use.You can add pictures as well as feedback for each question. Dr. Strange could assign all students to visit this website and make a quiz for their students using their area of specificity. It should focus on the subject they are planning to teach in their future classroom. The quiz must be a minimum of five questions. When finished they must add a link to their quiz inside their blog. Another part to the assignment would be that the students must also search the wiki Cool Tools For Schools and find one tool that they feel could be useful in their future classroom. They should explain in one paragraph some ways that they would utilize the resource. This would be a great asset to the assignment because this wiki has so many different useful sources for teachers to use. This way the students would have many various answers.
quiz revolution banner

1) I went to Quiz Revolution and created a math quiz for second graders. The quiz can be found at this link QuizRevolution- Addition Problems.

2) The tool that I found that would be useful in my classroom is the website ZooBurst. This is free and lets you easily create a 3-D pop-up book. Teachers can set up an account and have their students make their own book using stories they have created. This can be used in the classroom to help with the students writing as well as English. It is an exciting way to engage students in the writing process. When they are finished they will be able to view their classmates work. These can be posted in a blog for others to see including the kids parents. This could be a very useful tool in the classroom.


  1. Hey Lindsey,

    This looks like a great assignment, but you didn't complete this blogpost. You were supposed to make up instructions (which you did) then DO your instructions (which you didn't do). You did research what the assignment should be, which I thought was great. But you still didn't complete the assignment.

    Stephen Akins

    1. I fixed the assignment.

      Lindsey Edwards

  2. Oh okay thanks I see that now I completely overlooked that part of the assignment. Is it too late for me to go back and fix it?

  3. Hey Lindsey! I think that this is a great idea to use as a blog assignment! I know through school growing up that I used to find interactive quizzes online to help me study for tests. It's a great idea for math too. Especially if your class is learning addition or the multiplication tables.

    The wiki you found was really neat and can be very useful is looking for creative ideas.

    Keep up the great work! :)

  4. Lindsey,
    I think this is a very good idea. The wiki you found does have many different resources for teachers. I also like the pop-up book idea. Good work!