Sunday, April 29, 2012

Final report on PLN: Project #10 Part 2

Since our first report on our Personal Learning network I have added several resources. I haven't really used it yet in a practical way other then building it but I know this could change. Once I become an educator or even in future classes I feel that this could be a useful tool. If I find a site that could be useful to me in the future I will add it so I will always know where to find it. In the future I can come here to get assistance with whatever I may need to research or learn about it. This tool if used efficiently, could make a great asset to my career. I just hope that I will find the time to make it a part of my job and learning network. 
Some of the resources I added were other's teachers blogs as well as different websites to make presentations, polls, or other activities to engage students.

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