Sunday, April 22, 2012

C4K Summary April

kids around a globe

For the first three weeks of April I participated in the world blogging challenge. I commented on  a different post every week on the same student's blog. Her name is Jillian and she is a 7th grader from Canada. I really enjoyed reading her posts as well as commenting. The only thing was that she only had three posts and had not posted in a while. She did not respond to any of my comments or post anything new so we didn't really get to correspond.

The first post I commented on was titled 7 Random Facts About Me. In her post she listed some things about herself such as hobbies or things that she likes and dislikes. In my comment to her I told her who I was and that I would be corresponding with her over the next few weeks. I told her that I loved reading some of the random facts about her and found that we had quite a few things in common. I agreed that I hated spiders, snakes, and waking up in the mornings as well. I am definitely more of a late night person. We both have one sister, but I am an identical twin. She really loves horses and I like them as well and have one at my house. I then asked her a few questions which are as follows: so do you have any horses? What are some things you like to do while hanging out with friends? I told Jillian that I would love to hear back from her

The second post I commented on was titled We Love Pink Shirt Day. This post was about how her school had participated in pink shirt day to raise awareness and support kids that are being bullying. She explains how this day started because a kid from Novia Scotia wore a pink shirt to school and was picked on by classmates. Some of the older kids did not like this so they decided to do something about it. The next day they all wore pink shirts to school to show their support of the other student. They wanted to make everyone aware of why bullying is wrong and so that is how the Pink Shirt Day began. I commented on her post and let her know that I thought it was awesome that she and her school had joined the cause to help raise awareness about such an important issue. The story of the boy and the pink shirt is really inspiring and really shows us how one act of kindness can mean so much and make a big impact. I love where in her post she said, “We should care everyday, but this is a day set aside to bring extra awareness.” This is so true and a great attitude to have about bullying. I also agreed when she stated it is something that we should care about and be cautious of everyday. I then gave her a suggestion for her next post. It was that she could come up with an idea for her, her class, or maybe even her whole school to do something specific to raise awareness for another important issue. It could be just a simple small thing if she wanted. I encouraged her to think about something that is really important to her and that shes feel strongly about. I encouraged her to keep on writing and stated that I had enjoyed the post.

The third post that I commented on was titled I'm Finally Here. This post was her first one and she just staed how excited she was to be blogging. It is something that she had been looking forward to for a while and couldn't wait to get started. Connecting and having conversations with others from around the world is something she believes will be inspiring and exciting. I told her that I had really enjoyed reading her blog posts over the last few weeks. It is great to know that she is excited about blogging and making it a part of her learning experience. I completely agree that is great to connect and talk with students from other schools and countries. We can learn so much and be inspired by others from around the world. I encouraged her to continue blogging and making posts. I let her know that I would be posting a summary of what I had read and commented on her blog in the upcoming weeks as well as supplying her with a link.

For the last week in April I commented on a student from Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. His name is Billy and his post was a video  profile about himself. I commented and told him that I liked the video and enjoyed listening to him. He stated in the video that he had a dog so in the comment I asked him what kind it was. It was really great to watch his video as he talked about himself and his family.

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