Sunday, April 29, 2012

Blog Post #13

no technology
For this week's post we were assigned to go an e-media fast. We were to not use and electronic communication or entertainment devices for a full 24 hours. I knew when I began the fast that this was going to be hard, but it turned out to be harder than I even imagined. It makes you realize how much of our lives involve these things and it is not until it is taken away that we realize it. One thing that made it hard was that I could not communicate with friends or even classmates for school work. I live at home with my parents so we have a land line which came in handy at times. I also watch TV or surf the internet for entertainment so I found myself reading or looking over my textbooks and school work more. Then however I ran in to the issue of a lot of my school work being online which made it even harder. My sister helped me by keeping me accountable and not letting me use any tool that would mess up the assignment. This  assignment has helped me to realize how much these tools have become a part of not only society but my life as well. We depend on things such as cellphones, computers, and televisions to deliver important news as well as communicate with the world. These tools have become a major part of every thing that we do and this can be beneficial to an educator when used in the right way.

In my classroom students will be very use to media and having it a part of their everyday lives. In order to engage them and keep up with growing technologies I will need to utilize these resources for the students benefit. I can give them some ways that they can use these technologies in an educational and beneficial way. This is something that is going to continue to be a part of all of our lives so why not use it to our advantage rather then just pushing it to the side.


  1. Here's the hitch, Lindsey: In many schools, you won't have any more access to technology than you had during your digital fast!

    Heck: I work in an upper-middle class suburb in a very digitally savvy community and yet my classroom has 2 desktop machines that work once in a while.

    I can also sign out a laptop cart -- but the machines are generally all out of date -- or wait for an opening in the desktop lab -- which can take over a month.

    Cell phones are banned. Bringing your own device to school isn't allowed.

    Think about the challenge that you had with staying engaged when you were without technology. Your students face that same challenge at school.


    BTW: I'm not sure if I'm a pessimist or a realist, but I'm definitely not happy with schools as they currently exist!

    Rock on,
    Bill Ferriter
    The Tempered Radical

    1. Thanks for your comment and feedback. You are right that is a challenge that students face and I will encounter this as a future educator. I will need to learn how to use what is available to my students. This is a problem in the education system that really needs to worked on and changed. Thanks again for your comments and I really enjoyed your blog!

      Lindsey Edwards

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